Monday, 12 October 2015

harvest time in the Prosecco hills

homemade cableway to carry the grapes | Combai | VSCOcam 

even if you don't work in the wine sector, when you live in a wine region, harvest time affects you.
you run late cause you've been stuck behind a tractor while driving to work. everyone at your local bar is talking about sugar levels, acidity, weather. you see people dressed up like scarecrows on their way to the vineyard. and the grape is shimmering, it tries to catch your eye in any way, all puffed up and proud.

what a landscape | Farra di Soligo | VSCOcam
for a tourist, I'd say it's better. every year, there are more and more travel enthusiasts who enjoy wine and decide to visit wine trails around the world. one of them is definitely the one we live in, where Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore is made {yep, the easiest wine to enjoy has the most complicated name}.

I do work in the wine sector, so I was lucky enough to spend some september days outdoor, in the vineyards, trying to catch some glimpses of one of the most beautiful and scenic grape harvest in the world, that I'm sharing with you today.
the hills of the Conegliano Valdobbiadene area are very steep. a good thing for the grape, not so good for the grape pickers. it's hard work, no kidding.

for cycling lovers: W il Giro | Valdobbiadene | VSCOcam
visiting the vineyards during work time had only encouraged me to dedicate some of the lambretta ride time to the Prosecco road, again. we never got tired of it. visiting this hills, by lambretta, or vespa, or motorcycle, or bicycle, and even by car, should be in your to-do list!

homemade cableway to carry the grapes | Combai | VSCOcam 

steep slopes | Farra di Soligo | VSCOcam 

to read more on the Prosecco road click here.
I wish you a nice week ♥! 


  1. I've never seen grapes carried that way before

  2. Such a beautiful scenery. I have just visited once a winery in Spain, La Rioja and it was lovely. That cableway is amazing, I've never seen such a system!

    1. i think visiting wineries helps you understand a region, its people and their traditions, especially if they are so fond of wine like where i live :)

  3. there is a winery near from mumbai. next time i truly want to go there (after seeing your post) :)


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