Monday, 28 May 2012

Let's talk about gelato. May, Sunday 27th

ihate the phrase “best kept secret”, that is sometimes used in guidebooks or articles. come on, secret places are not revealed like that. however, the place we want to share with you today would easily fall into this category: it is a small gelateria near home, in a tiny town called Cordignano.

i want to make things clear: i am a gelato lover, and a gelato expert. a kind of gelato sommelier. so, you can’t fool me saying things like “this is the best gelato of..”, cause i know. and i know this is the best gelato i have ever eaten.(please don't say the word "Grom". just don't.)

when i was a kid i didn’t like cakes, desserts, candies, or sweets in general (silly girl), but i grew up eating their wonderful lemon and chocolate and their closing period (november to march) means mourning and stocked refrigerator. 

the place’s name is Gelateria De Martin but is better known by the name of its founder Gasparetto. 

their specialty is cremacaffè, and you have to try it putting a ball into a cup of black coffee: heaven. my seasonal favorite flavors are kiwi and elderflower (i’m not sure about the translation). M. is all about crema catalana.  

yeah, gasparetto rules. 

we added a vintage basket to the lambretta. M. found it his grandma house. it is even more perfect because it was a wine basket from a winery in Negrar, near Verona and the Garda Lake, which was the destination of our very first long-trip by lambretta, last summer.

{pics taken with iPhone}

Gelateria De Martin
piazza Italia 23,
Cordignano (TV)  

Sunday, 13 May 2012


It's so hot these days that I cannot help but think about last summer... M. and I had just bought the Lambretta, the warm air on my bare arms enlivened colorful and magic afternoon..
A new era of picnics, polka dots, racing, street, maps, smell of gasoline, daydreams had just begun. 

Thursday, 3 May 2012

osteria senza oste. April, Sunday 29th

our dearest friend Angela is doing a project for a famous local winemaker, and asked us to help her doing a photoshooting –with the Lambretta- in Valdobbiadene. that was the occasion for spending a lovely sunday with friends.

near the location, in Santo Stefano di Valdobbiadene, there is a place called osteria senza oste {osteria without a host}.
it’s a stone cottage on the top of the Cartizze hill, with literally no one serving the customers: you can find Cartizze {a top quality cru of Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG}, salami, cheese, bread, take what you want, and pop the money into a small piggy-bank. 
knives and cutting boards are available, tables are outside “on a shady terrace with stunning views of the surrounding vine-clad hills”, says the Guardian. (and it’s right!). but you can also skip tables and have a pic nic like us! 

Bobi {part-time jewelry maker} and Tommi came with their Vespa. 

Osteria Senza Oste
via Treziese, 1
Santo Stefano di Valdobbiadene

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