Friday, 21 March 2014

happy to

some italian bloggers are writing posts about three daily things they are proud of.
i'm usually not into chain blog post at all, but the lovely Serena has nominated me, so i'd feel bad to ignore her call.

so, let's see.. what are the actions, rituals, good things that i am proud of doing in my everyday life? actually, i don't feel so special (plus, there are a million things i'm not proud of) so i'd rather tell you what are the few things i am happy to do because i think they're good not just for me, but for everyone.
{for each one daily action, there is a matching travel aspect}

i'm happy to #1 shop at the farmers market (when fruits and vegetables grown at home are not enough), eat my chickens eggs, buy milk at the vending machine of a dairy. in other words, i try to eat locally sourced food, as much as i can.
this means that when i travel, i'm happy to: eat locally, shop locally, sleep locally.

in the pic, some spring joy from the farmers market in Vittorio Veneto this morning

Friday, 14 March 2014

7 reasons to love Vittorio Veneto {plus: moving in!}

as i -visually- told you some months ago, i've been busy nesting. i meant it literally, because marco and i moved into our new apartment, and started a new chapter of our life in Vittorio Veneto, a town we both love, so i think it's fair enough to finally show it to you, and explain what i like the most about my new home.

as i usually do, these reasons are focused on details and totally subjective impressions, so this is not a guide (but i'll write you one, sooner or later).

piazza Flaminio, Serravalle

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