Tuesday, 31 January 2017

lambretta en Provence: honeymoonin' on the roads of Southern France

Provence road trip, watercolor map 

this post is intended for:
- anyone curious about details and organization of our trip to Provence, Southern France
- anyone going to visit Provence soon, by scooter or motorcycle or car
- anyone planning a road trip by vintage scooter

I really hope you find it inspiring, pretty and useful. and yes, I woud love to read your feedbacks.

Monday, 30 January 2017

ひさしぶり! I'm back ♥

smells like forest spirit
long time no see! ひさしぶり です, the Japanese would say.
oh, I've been missing this place. I really thought that my blogging time was over, that the constant lack of time and the general incostancy had killed it. maybe they had, maybe not yet.
when I started this diary I was a post graduated student with a steady boyfriend with many dreams and longing for adventure. now, it's difficult to find enough time to go and live the dreams and adventures. but they are still there, along with the desire to tell stories about them, with words, photographs, illustrations.
so here I am, giving it another try. this little blog has given me so much, in terms of connections, inspirations, motivation, (I actually think all of my current jobs derive - in one way or another - from this blog) to leave it like that. (and, I confess, I still think it's really pretty.)
so, I hope you're willing to read i diari della lambretta again.

p.s. picture taken in the Cansiglio forest a couple of months ago

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