Saturday, 19 April 2014

Caorle. April, Sunday 13th

you rarely see the sea in this space of mine. I'm more the woods-fields-mountains kind of girl. anyway, after the stroll at the antique market in Portobuffolè, Marco and I decided to go reach the coast.

the river that crosses Portobuffolè, called Livenza, keeps flowing for about 50 km to the sea, and we followed it, to a town called Caorle.
the sign "vele di barche caorlotte" means sails of the boats from Caorle
as other fishermen villages (like Burano), Caorle is full of bright colors. most of the walls, windows and doors are painted with pastel or vibrant nuances.

my favorite spot was the pink house you see in the first photo. it is decorated with many drawings of boat sails. Paulino Biancon, 82 years old former fisherman, painted them. all the designs are based on reality. in the past, every fisherman's boat was different, with its own colors and patterns: that way, wives and mothers could recognize their men's boats from afar.
mr. Biancon remembered most of them, and he made some researches for the other ones. i love that wall filled with stories.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

vintage market in Portobuffolè. April, Sunday 13th

Portobuffolè is the smallest town in Treviso province. just 800 people are living there. however, it's a charming little corner, with a quite important artistic and historical value, in spite of the small dimensions.
in 1300, a noblewoman called Gaia da Camino received the town as a wedding gift from her husband (what a nice gift, a town!) an it seems that made its beauty and importance grow in the following years. now we still can see elegant buildings from XIV-XVI sec.

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Casarsa and Pier Paolo Pasolini's steps. March, Sunday 23rd

places tell stories. i've said and written that over and over. some days ago marco and i visited Casarsa della Delizia, a little village in Friuli Venezia Giulia, to hear some stories about the time Pier Paolo Pasolini lived there. you may have never heard about him, but he was one of the finest, still controversial, and most famous intellectual in postwar Italy. a poet, writer, journalist, filmmaker.

he was born in Bologna in 1922 and died in Rome in 1975, but he spent some meaningful years in Casarsa, where his mother came from. he used to spend his childhood summers there, and during the war and postwar years he moved with her from Bologna, to be safe. he lived in Casarsa for seven years, working as a teacher, before being forced to move to Rome, when a scandal about his homosexuality came out.

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