Thursday, 18 August 2016

vintage tour in Val d'Orcia

Val d'Orcia with a rented lambretta

that's on top of my wish list: to be able to travel with a lambretta anywhere we want. yes, we can drive our own or ship it, but we don't aways have the time to do something like that (not to mention the costs). and to rent an original vintage scooter is almost impossible. almost.

visiting Tuscany on a vintage Italian scooter

the dreamer Dario fought the impossible founding Vintage Tours, an agency renting vespas, lambrettas and vintage cars in one of the most beautiful region of Italy, Tuscany.

Thursday, 24 March 2016

spring smell

a few things that have been inspiring me lately: 

1. spring is my favourite season. as i have said before, it feels like the opening of lambretta season to me. i can't wait for more and longer rides, outdoorsy weekends and picnics. 
the lambretta picnic picture comes from here.
2. due to wedding planning {i feel repetitive, please let me know when i start to be annoying and i'll cut the wedding talks} i've been spending a remarkable amount of time on Pinterest, where i fall in love everyday with anything that involves flowers, like this tutorial "3 ways to make your home smell like spring", or this lovely lambretta with a flower basket. 
3. i took five calligraphy lessons, for five weeks. when i signed up for the course, i daydreamed about writing the invitations with beautiful italics lettering. then, i found out that hours and hours of exercise are mandatory for the kind of results that i had in my mind. so, i used my own calligraphy for the invites, but still love to browse beautiful calligraphy on Pinterest, like this one.
4. i've met the tear calendar of Flow Magazine from the Instagram feed of Sara, fell in love instantly and simply had to buy it. now the minutes that go from the moment i get up to the moment when the coffee is ready are even more special cause i can discover the new day's lovely illustration and words.

still looking for more spring themed inspirations! have you found anything special these days? 

Thursday, 11 February 2016

"i diari" on the Lambretta Club d'Italia magazine #1 {in italiano!}

after a few weeks of silence (due to work, wedding planning and a new calligraphy class i'm attending) i'm back sharing a post i wrote some months ago for the Lambretta Club d'Italia magazine. i share it just like i published it, in italian!

this article originally appeared in Notiziario Lambretta Issue No.46 October-December 2015 printed by Lambretta Club d'Italia


la nascita di una passione, raccontata online 
seconda serie, inchiostro su carta

Monday, 4 January 2016

my 2016 travel dreams in watercolors

happy, happy new year! 
i hope 2016 found you well, healthy, in good company and with a brand new list of resolutions in your pocket.

of course i've done mine. it's thinner than usual, as i'm gonna spend most part of my free time and energy {not to mention savings} organizing the wedding {missed something? check this post}, at least for the first time of the year.

anyway, it doesn't mean that this narrow version of the new year's to do-list is lacking a chapter entirely dedicated to travels.
i tried to keep it real, and still don't know if they are achievable or not, but these are currently my travel dreams for 2016: 

before choosing Sicily as the destination for our lambretta road trip last summer, Marco and i briefly considered going to southern France. since then, i've been daydreaming about lavender fields, blue shutters and charming countryside. i bet Provence landscape and our lambretta would get along just fine. 

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