Tuesday, 31 March 2015

on the road in March

spring means many things. among them, for me it means the beginning of an hopefully long lambretta season. and of a new, monthly series, to look back to the time spent on the road in the past thirty days or so.

march hasn't been so generous with sunny days, and i also spent a few days away for work, but we made our best out of the rest of the weekends.

i diari della lambretta - Cartizze vineyards in Valdobbiadene

Friday, 20 March 2015

ink your travel

it's time to share a news with all of you. a news i've been looking forward to tell you for weeks, about a project i delevoped with Irene {travel blogger at viachesiva.it}in the last few months.

it's about drawing, it's about travelling. 

so, let me finally introduce you Ink your Travel, a mini-collection of hand drawn t-shirts, designed for travellers.

we chose the first day of spring to be our big day - the launch - , cause we think it may bring luck. so many lovely things happen in spring, don't they?

Friday, 13 March 2015

Venetian stories: Marisa and her glass beads

Marisa workshop in sestiere San Marco 

Venice is small. it has the size of a town. but, behind any door, an entire world could open up for you, like stepping in Marisa's workshop, in sestiere San Marco
quirky wallpaper, old books, pictures, necklaces, china porcelain cups filled with glass beads, coral branches made of glass beads, velvet slippers embroidered with glass beads. glass beads everywhere! a small, colorful world. and Marisa sits in the middle of it, her desk well lighted by an old fashion chandelier and a lamp, her hands weaving, embroidering, stitching fast, among hundreds of small variously shaped and colored beads. 

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