Monday, 27 February 2017


hi ♥ 
I love to have a blog, and i diari della lambretta has been a cozy place that I feel comfortable in (and inspired by) for quite some time now. 
anyway, I feel the need of a new tool to communicate with you. my plan is not to stop updating i diari della lambretta, but to improve my relationships with you, without -for example- the mediation of Facebook. 
the first idea is the creation of a newsletter. if you have been reading i diari della lambretta, if you like my travel style, or the lambretta/vintage wheels world, or my illustrations, I'd love if you sign in. 

I'm planning to share with you:

* some cute illustrations, mostly mine but not always, mostly travel-related but not always
* the latest blog posts from i diari della lambretta
* new products or news from on my e-shop
* stuff that I think you may find interesting 
* pics and informations about nice places I've been to 

on my honour, I promise that I will not spam you. I'll be moderate and, I truly hope, interesting. 
I've always been a BAD pen pal (some of you are already aware of that), but I've always loved the idea of being one. maybe this time I will improve myself.

the newsletter will be written in english or italian, depending on your preference when you sign in. 
ah, I almost forgot, you can do it here

the first (e)letter is going to be sent as soon as spring begins! 

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Vietnam on the road on a vintage sidecar motorcycle

vietnamese people, watercolor illustration 

since we've moved in together, we have a coin jar with "Vietnam & Laos" written on it. 

as wedding present, our lovely witnesses gave us plane tickets to a destination of our choice, so after our lambretta honeymoon in Provence, we started thinking about the next adventure in South East Asia
when we read on the Lonely Planet guide that riding a motorcycle in northern Vietnam is a lifetime experience, that was it. we remembered an old classic, the BBC Top Gear Vietnam special, watched it for the 100th time and booked a flight to Hanoi

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