Monday, 5 October 2015

autumn. to - do list

i'm fond of lists. even too much, i suppose. i make lists all the time. to-do lists help me staying focused and working on myself. i usually do better with short term list, checking all the boxes. long term to do lists tend to lose their relevancy after some time {i don't even recognize my own dreams when, in december, i re-read the to-do list i wrote in january}. then, there are bucket lists, things i love lists, and more! do you make lists? what kind?

this is the third illustrated autumn to-do list in a row. i love to put all the sweetest autumn plans into that, in order to be excited for the new season instead of being nostalgic for summer.

2015 autumn to do list

momijigari / foliage walk
momijigari {紅葉狩} is the japanese habit to admire the trees when the leaves are turning red in autumn. i'd love to take a couple of foliage walks during one of those autumnal afternoons when the air is just a little bit chilly to make you wear a cozy hat and a colorful scarf, and all the tones around are warm. i'm planning a little field trip in the middle of October, i hope to be lucky enough to find good weather and a scenic momiji-landscape {even a yellowish one would be perfect!}

draw & paint
last year i took my first watercolor workshop, and fell in love with the technique. but i need to practice more, and maybe i'm signin up for a new class!

camping trip
i want to make the best out of the last lambretta rides of the year, and a lambretta camping trip sounds intriguing enough. weather, please, be nice!

wedding planning
i've announced our engagement a couple of posts ago. Marco and i are getting married next year but we have some basic decisions to make on the next few weeks.
any tips?

host dinner parties
long summer nights are over, so let's start thinking about cozy indoor evenings with friends!

girls nights 
downton abbey + facial masks + herbal teas + gossips

vintage markets
we're thinking about going to Mercanti in Viaggio, a vintage/handmade/art/recycle fair, held in a castle near Brescia. it was Marco's idea, we've never been there and it seems pretty amazing from the website!

Rome and Naples
oversea trips are going to be off the table for a while, in order to save for the wedding. but we cannot stay without travelling, can we? so instead of going abroad, we're going to enjoy more our beautiful country, going back to Rome after a few years, and visiting Naples for the very first time.

i'd love to know what are you planning to do during the next months 

here the autumn to-do list of the past two years:
* autumn to do list #1
* autumn to do list #2


  1. This is so cute ! This way of making to-do lists is so much better than the traditionnal way ! :)
    I love making lists too, this illustrated to-do list is a very good idea.
    My plans are to see as many exhibitions and museums as I can, read, read ... and read, watch films, do some sewing projects and shop in some vintage markets as well ... !

    Ana xx

    1. thank you Ana ♥
      read-read-read is on my every-season list ;)

  2. how lovely to have seasons! i wish one day i will be enjoy autumn somewhere in the world <3
    and will you have autumn wedding?

    1. "how lovely to have seasons" may sound funny to someone who take them for granted. but actually, yes, it is truly great. i wish to have this experience soon :)

      and, no! i love autumn, but Marco and are going to have a middle summer wedding ♥

  3. This is the cutest list I have ever seen!

  4. Hi Silvia, I'm literally a "to-do-list addicted"... and it's probably due to my not so good memory, too! I'm always overwhelmed by so many post-it and similare with all my lists, but in my opinion there is something reassuring in checking all the boxes and thinking: "Ok, I didn't forget anythig!!Yeah!"
    Your autumn to-do-list is adorable and very inspiring. I will probably consider the idea of "Mercanti in viaggio", as it is quite near to Bergamo, my town! I've just read their site and it seems really interesting!
    Enjoy this full-of-things-to-do autumn!

    1. ahaha i suffer from the same "boxes checking" diseas ;)
      glad to be inspiring! i've never been to Mercanti in Viaggio but it seems so great that i can't wait!
      grazie Mery, have a lovely week ♥

  5. I make lists too. My resolution for this season is to enjoy the warm weather with outdoor activities (picking chestnuts, hiking on the hills...). For the rainy days, I've planned to bake new recipes, to visit art exhibitions and read more!

    P.S. I've just discovered your beautiful blog. I think we attended the same courses at the same university!

    1. your plan for autumn sounds wonderful and very inspiring ♥
      did you attend Ca' Foscari unversity, too? i graduated in 2011 with a master degree in language and civilisation of Asia and mediterranean Africa (curriculum japanese). have we crossed paths?

    2. Yes, we have! Bachelor degree in Japanese (Lisao Curriculum) in 2009, then master degree in International relations. In Venice, of course!<3

    3. so we actually were on the same classes during bachelor degree! how nice :D
      i hope the job market has been treating you right

  6. bellissima la tua to do list ♥ quante cose interessanti e divertenti da fare ♥♥♥

    ti auguro un autunno fantastico! ;)

  7. I love making lists as well, especially at work. It helps me to stay focused and reduce the number of stressful moments. It feels so good to check all the boxes :)

    also, congrats on your new wedding. I'm not an expert, but I think pinterest is such a good inspiration!

    1. thank you Barbara!
      you're right, Pinterest is a drug. it's partially responsible of me making fantasy-based plans (which look veeeeery good) now we have to try to convert them to reality. it's going to be fun! :) i'm glad i have some months ahead!

  8. such a lovely list, especially the wedding and camping :)

    1. than you :)
      i hope the weather will give us a break allowing a lambretta camping trip. it's so wet and cold these days

  9. Yes! I adore this and I adore the beginning of autumn! Perfect! ♥

    1. thank you ♥ i wish you a perfect and outdoorsy autumn!

  10. il Foliage Walk <3

  11. It was such an intimate moment and you could really feel the love and energy in the place. Our ceremony at chicago wedding venues was the most beautiful and romantic ceremony I could have ever expected (and all our guests made sure to tell us they felt the same way once it was over!).


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