who am I

hello, my name is Silvia. I’ve been posting  on these pages since 2012, telling stories made of words, photographs and little drawings about my everyday adventures. most of the time with me there is my boyfriend husband Marco, too. we live in Veneto, a region in northern Italy.
{find out more about Veneto here}

a diary
i diari della lambretta means the lambretta’s diaries. if you’re not familiar with the word lambretta, you must know that it’s a vintage italian scooter, in our case, a second series 125 Li, built in 1960 by Innocenti. we decided to buy it a few years ago, and started re-exploring the world, few kilometers at the time, with her. then, i began to share here the best glimpses of our wandering, both near and far. passion for road trips, film photography and illustrations fit perfectly in the picture.

a travel style
the main aim of the blog is to show favorite places, new discoveries and local tradition from a two {old} wheels point of view. the lambretta is hopelessly slow, you have to take your time to feel the road, read the map, look around, know what’s going on around you. so, she began to symbolize our approach to travelling. we like to travel off the tourist track, be attentive to sustainability, we’re always curious about local tradition, and street food lovers.to eat, shop and sleep locally makes us happy.  it doesn’t matter how many kilometers we’re doing, how fast we’re going, and even if we’re travelling with our lambretta or not {we travel without it, too}, the attitude is quite the same.

{find out moure about our travels abroad here}

what you will find on this blog
pictures {both analogue and digital}; illustrations and little drawings; lists; vintage allure; places that we love, traditions mainly from east-northern Italy; roadtrips chronicles; travel notes; picnics; local delicacies; little happy details of a normally adventurous life.

what you will NOT find on this blog

info about the best travel fares, descriptions of places i’ve never been to, reviews on tourist resorts, ugly pictures (at least i hope so). 

if you'd like to discuss a project, a collaboration, or just say hello, drop me a line at idiaridellalambretta@gmail.com

you can check my illustration portfolio at silviabes.tumblr.com 

all content is © Silvia Benedet, unless otherwise indicated


  1. I love your blog. My wife and I were in Italy and France for a month last year and your photography and stories make me pine to go back. We also both recently bought a 1980 Vespa P150X and a 1965 Lambretta LI150 Series III. We are getting them both to running condition and hope to go on great adventures like your soon. I look forward to reading more about your adventures. I wish you both the best!!



  2. dear johnny, your comment warmed my heart,thank you so much for your kind words ♥
    i'm glad you've enjoyed italy and france! hope your vespa & lambretta will run soon, so you guys can see for yourselves how much fun is it! :)
    i'll do my best to continue narrating good stories, please let me know your feedback.
    say hello to your wife for me

  3. Nice blog, nice pics, nice presentation ;)

    1. grazie serena/mercoledì!
      i'm glad to have a positive feedback from someone who has an interesting blog like yours :)

  4. great blog! love Italy and love lambretta series 2 some great photos and some great adventures! please keep it up.
    from the seven hills of sheffield

    1. thank you, dear pete! i'm glad you like it.
      lambretta is still popular in the UK, isn't it?

      i've never been to sheffield but i've been near there: i travelled to the peak district and visited some towns near you, like bakewell and hathersage. i love the english countryside! hope to hear from you again

  5. Ciao Silvia!
    Ora che ho conosciuto te e Marco sarà ancora più interessante seguirti e andare a leggere le vostre storie in lambretta. :) A presto!

    1. grazie ragazza con la valigia!
      sarà lo stesso per noi :)

  6. Love the picture and the blog!! :)

  7. bellissimo blog! grazie per farmi sognare!!!


  8. this is a lovely drawing of a lambretta :))
    I've been reading your blog in silence but from now on I'm gonna comment more!
    Vix (from Argentina)

    1. thank you vix! glad to hear from you (i'm a fan of yours and toi's *film friday* project)

  9. Ho avuto un colpo di fulmine per il tuo blog e per la tua fotografia! Favolosi entrambi ♥

    1. ma grazie ♥ dopo aver dato una sbirciatina al tuo blog pieno di bellissime foto sono ancora più lusingata :)

  10. Ero sicura di aver lasciato un commento... uhm... devo aver sbagliato qualcosa, quindi riassumo qui.
    Bellissimo blog, carinissima tu... con tutti quei pois che adoro!!! e carinissima la tua Lambretta!!!

    Ti seguirò con grande piacere!!!


  11. Ma che bello questo blog! Siamo quasi vicine di casa :)

  12. Bravissima ! bel blog, un must! scrivi scrivi scrivi e viva la lambra!

  13. Buongiorno from India!
    Came across your blog recently while doing a google search on 'Travels on Lambretta'- seems like I got the right page! :)
    I livei n India and love Lambrettas and other Italian scooters too- we had many Lambrettas here until recently; they were made for a longer time than in Italy. I bought a 1960 Li150 series 2, similar colours as your Li125! I intend to do some long runs on it too, having sorted it out mechanically! I must say blogs like yours are my inspiration! Looking forward to it!

    Take care

    1. dear Shyam, thank you for this beautiful comment, it makes me so happy and glad to spend some hours, from time to time, updating this little blog. I wish you and your lambretta many happy adventurous journeys. please keep me posted about your travels ;)

    2. Hi Silvia,

      Sure, will do!


  14. Cristina Ferrara2 August 2018 at 10:40

    Molto bello il blog, creativo e ricco di contenuti utili. Solo una domanda: come mai hai scelto la lingua inglese se siete entrambi italiani

    1. ciao Cristina, grazie e scusa per la risposta in ritardo, mi ero persa il commento :)
      questa domanda me l'hanno fatta in moltissimi e a volte devo dire che me la faccio anche io, sopratutto perché ci metterei molto meno tempo a scrivere in italiano e quindi forse riuscirei a postare di più. la motivazione per cui ho scelto l'inglese rimane però salda e ancora valida: è la lingua internazionale. quando ho iniziato a leggere i primi blog (perlopiù blog personali) tanti anni fa, seguivo soprattutto blog stranieri, mezzi in lingua originale (a me sconosciuta) e con brevi traduzioni in inglese. e io ero stra grata per quelle piccole traduzioni, perché l'argomento mi interessava e se non ci fossero state il contenuto sarebbe stato per me inaccessibile. le passioni in comune sono così.. attraversano i confini nazionali. questo blog è rivolto a una piccola nicchia di lettori e i suoi contenuti hanno uno stile particolare, che non necessariamente interessa solo ed esclusivamente agli italiani. ci fosse anche solo uno straniero che ha in comune con me la passione per i roadtrip lenti, le cose vintage e i disegnini e che è interessato a capire cosa scrivo, sarà contenta di averlo fatto in inglese.


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