Friday, 7 November 2014

Casso. August, Sunday 17th

maybe i subconsciously link the ilford film's mood and dramatic grain to places with a troubled past.

Casso | ilford 125

the same film i shoot in Sarajevo has been used during a lambretta ride to Casso, an hamlet located in the Friuli mountains, about 130 km northwest of Trieste, and about 50 km from our home.

the Vajont dam seen from Casso | ilford 125

the valley near Casso is called the Vajont valley, and it hosts one of the tallest dam in the world {262 m high and 191 m wide}, built in 1959. on October 9 in 1963, a massive landslide caused a huge wave, that hitted Casso, the near village Erto {which are located in the mountain over the dam} and flooded five towns  (incuding Longarone) in the valley below.

it happened at 22.39, and it killed more than 2000 people.
the dam was almost undamaged, so it still stands there, like a huge gravestone. empty, grey, silent.

Casso alleys | ilford 125

now Casso is mostly inhabitated, the local populations amounts to about 20 people, so the charming stone houses and the uphill alleys are quiet and intimate.
the former elementary school of the village has been recently used as a contemporary art space, and there was an exhibition going on, called the inner outside, about the concept of bivuoac  {read more here}

glimpse on the inner outside / bivouacs exhibition by Dolomiti Contemporanee in Casso | VSCOcam 

the view from the former elementary school of Casso, currently exhibition space of the Dolomiti Contemporanee project | ilford 125

a wooden sign in the village says: small market, quirky things, salami, cheese, books | ilford 125
we couldn't resist a sign like that. so we stopped there to eat a fat fat sandwich with salame and cheese | ilford 125


  1. This is such a sad and powerful story, Silvia!
    And, you're right, Ilford film works perfectly to describe this!

    1. thank you Polly! seeing the dam is very powerful, too.

  2. i agree too. sabishii ne!
    ilford does justice with melancholy town...

  3. I think this is perfect film to capture a place like Casso.

    rae of love from berlin

    1. hello rae! now i'd like to try using it with cheerful places!

  4. i love it so much! great mood, Silvia!

  5. I think it does the place great justice, your choice of film. :)
    Alsl, I'd never be able to resist that sign too.

  6. Mi soffermo su questo post perche' conosco bene la zona e soprattutto i monti. Hai proprio un bel blog e una bella lambretta che ho avuto la fortuna di guidare al tempo che fu.


  7. innanzitutto grazie, walker! incontrare (anche solo virtualmente) altri lambrettisti (o ex) mi piace sempre un sacco. ci sono un sentimento e dei ricordi comuni che attraversano le generazioni e rendono l'incontro e lo scambio di qualche parola o aneddoto un po' speciali. ciao!


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