Saturday, 1 November 2014

autumn. to - do list

autumn to do list - 2014 version

the 2013 autumn to do list led me to a wonderful season, so i thought to sketch it again, hoping to be as lucky as last year {see the autumn to do list #1 here}.

i use the list as an excuse to tell you what i've been up to, lately, and i hope to hear some news from you, too.

let's get sporty
lately i've been working a lot, neglecting this space partly because of that and partly in order to dedicate myself to some new stuff.
from late august i've been taking pilates lessons (!) and i've been trying to go out cycling (!!) at least twice a week. this is surprising even for me, i've never been into sports, but i have to admit that i'm really enjoying it. and riding (lambretta or bicycle) with this wonderful weather after the awful summer we had, feels like a blessing. i really hope to keep it up.

learn something new
moreover, i'm about to reach one goal i've been dreaming on for a long time: learn how to paint with watercolors. on this weekend i'm going to do a workshop at the Sarmede international school of illustration with the illustrator Marina Marcolin, and i'm very excited!

another good news is a trip to Lyon planned for november! if you know the city and have any tips, please let me know.

faries house, Sarmede | VSCOcam

a precious church door | my watercolor set ready for the workshop | VSCOcam

broken road during a sunday ride | VSCOcam

have a lovely weekend ♥


  1. I'm with you on the learning to paint with watercolours! I've been meaning to. But could never find a workshop or teacher. So it's still on my long term to do list ;)
    At least I can cuddle with my cat (if she lets me, ha!).

    1. right, if they left me, too! :D

      the watercolors thing has been on my list for a while... it was hard to fine the right moment, the right class, teacher, place, cost etc. keep it on the list, the moment will arrive!

  2. Lyon! This beauty! It's such a wonderful city! I lived there for a few weeks some years ago and since then go back as often as I can. There are so many beautiful places to see... I can recommend to sit in the park right at the foot of the Basilica that overlooks the city and look over the city and its two rivers. It's even more beautiful when it's dark. And the beautiful courtyard of the Musée des Beaux-Arts (and of course the museum itself)... I wish you a wonderful time!

    1. oh i'm glad to hear that you know the city and like it that much! my expectations are growing and growing!
      i will keep your tips in mind :) thank you!

  3. i adore your illustrations. loved kitties most! <3


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