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night at the library: Book & Bed in Tokyo | places to ♥  #3

travel, Japan and books are among my favourite things. my kind of raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens. 
so what happens if I am travelling, in Japan, and I sleep surrounded by books?  you can say that I am just a lambretta away from my personal version of heaven. and it happened.

in that marvelous city called Tokyo, one can find many kind of crazy, weird, quirky, amazing stuff, something to suit all tastes. for example, if you are a bookworm, there is this lovely hostel called Book & Bed that I suggest you to check out. 

I already briefly talk about it in my newsletter {haven't subscribed yet? you can do it here}, but it was such a lovely experience I think it's worth sharing it.

the nice Keisuke took a picture of me reading | photo credits: Keisuke Sato of Book and Bed

my bunk, between the bookshelves

Book & Bed is part hostel, part library. it has little beds placed inside or between shelves full of books, and guests can browse them, read them under the covers or relax on a sofa while looking at the city lights. I stayed at the Ikebukuro branch (very central Tokyo's neighborhood) last november, but there are Book & Bed hostels also in Asakusa (the most traditional neighborhood in Tokyo, north-east of the city), Kyoto and Fukuoka. 

every bunk has a bed, a lamp and a small shelf 
finding some personal favourites

hana yori dango and nana ♥

the Ikebukuro Book & Bed is divided on two upper floors of a building quite close to the train station.  I have slept there just for one night and I can't recommend to choose it for a long trip, because the spaces are teeny tiny, but I really loved the cozy and quiet atmosphere, I enjoyed to share the common spaces with people whose noses were in a book all the time. 

the price for a bed starts from 2500 yen and an amenity set with towels can be rented for 500 yen. the staff is nice and helpful, the common bathroom clean, and there are coffee and wifi. oh, and the wifi password make me remember they also have the loveliest claim: have a book night 

informations and booking


  1. Thank you for sharing your story in Japan. I travel with you here.

    1. I am glad to hear that ♥
      thank you for stopping by dear

  2. I have seen this place featured on some online magazines, too! Looks fun ♪

    1. yep! that's how I found out about it at first. it has been on my wishlist for some time :)


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