Wednesday, 10 May 2017

flowers and candlelight: Rosa Rosae, magical inn in Veneto countryside | places to ♥  #2

an old mill, careffully restored and tastefully furnished. a building with the typical features of venetian rural tradition on the outside, a magical inn on the inside. I had dinner with my family at Rosa Rosae last weekend, and beautiful things have to be shared.

Rosa Rosae is an inn located in Breda di Piave, Treviso province, in the countryside not far from Treviso itself. it works as a bed & breakfast all week long and as a restaurant on the weekends: kitchen is open on friday, saturday and sunday nights, on sunday also at lunch.
but let’s talk about what makes this place pretty unique.

the atmosphere that the owners managed to create is almost surreal. a crowd of fresh flowers, fruits and greenery almost hide the entrance, and when you step in, the first thing you notice are the dozen of candles that are lighting up the rooms, hanging on elaborate chandeliers or sitting on the wooden tables. last winter I read a book about the danish concept of hygge, and a chapter was indeed dedicated to candlelight, and how it can turn up the coziness of a room. well, I don’t know if this is the secret, but it certainly works for Rosa Rosae. the huge amount of plants, flowers and utterly charming decors help, too.

all these elements contribute creating a poetic dinner experience. like stepping into a hedonistic fairytale (with booze).
the cuisine offers some home-like dishes, typical of Treviso countryside, but the badge of honour goes to the cheese table, to the desserts buffet and the final coffee, made with a giant moka pot, which is my favourite way of making coffee.

dining at Rosa Rosae costs 65 euro per person, all included. you have to book in advance and they have a very long waiting list. all the contacts and more informations here.

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