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Monday, June 1st. the handmade amusement park in the forest

osteria ai pioppi by lambretta | vscocam

sometimes the most incredible places are the closest  to home. for us, this is definitively one of the cases.
the biggest slide of the park | vscocam

osteria ai pioppi, besides being a rustic osteria {what is it?} in the Montello forest, handy to grab a bite after an hike or a ride in the many trails in the surroundings, or a sunbath on the bank of the nearby Piave river, hides something wonderful. 

loop-the-loop by bike | vscocam

loop-the-loop by bike | vscocam
an amusement park, completely handmade by the osteria owner, lies among the trees. built with iron, creativity and kinetics, it adds fun and squeaks to the quiet woods.
the shade of the high trees brings the coolness and the whimsical atmosphere necessary to place for being close to perfection.

slide | vscocam

marco throwing himself  through the trees | vscocam

the hand built rides are hand powered: you pedal yourself to loop the loop, you bruise against the steel, you patiently take the toy to the starting point, you shiver, you scream, you laugh. 

steel wonderland | vscocam

go! | vscocam
no wonder that someone talented has decided to shoot a short video here a few months ago, which after decades of being the hidden gem in the forest, is giving to Ai Pioppi the credits that it deserves.

AI PIOPPI from Fabrica on Vimeo  
Hidden among the trees of an Italian forest, Bruno has been building swings, slides, seesaws, gyroscopes and roller-coasters for the last forty years. They are his passion and a way to attract clients to Ai Pioppi, the restaurant he runs with his family. Throughout this short documentary, his hand-powered toys move alongside his thoughts about existence and death; and why he spent more than half of his life creating rides.
Bruno at the osteria counter | vscocam

steel wonderland | vscocam

"please put the mats back in here, thank you" | vscocam

Ai Pioppi, 
via VIII Armata, 76 
31040 Nervesa della Battaglia (TV)

the amusement park and osteria are open from april to october on saturday, sunday and holidays. everyday in august


  1. This is like a dream. What kind of wonderful awesomeness is this?? I really want to visit now. Thank you for capturing something so sweet! The photos are gorgeous!

    1. thank you :) it's a magical place indeed

  2. i'm very afraid of amusements but i love to see people ride in them <3

    1. there are some smaller kids-proof amusements too ;)

  3. what an amazing place! i have never even heard about such kind of amusement park or rides! i would love to visit this one day!

    1. i don't think there are lots of them :)
      ai pioppi is also featured here as on of the "10 most bizarre homemade attractions" :


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