Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Mostar. bosnian roadtrip #3

the Stari Most, built in the 16th century and destroyed on 1993 during the war, was rebuilt and completed in 2004. now it's the most famous landmark in Mostar again. | nikon f-801 + fujicolor 200

at the 485th km on our odometer, we were in Mostar.

mouthwatering smell of barbecue, stone houses, green hills and minarets surrounded us, while the old bridge, undisputed symbol of the town, was the center of gravity of this small and multicultural urban galaxy.
the heart of Mostar beats on the tangle of streets around the bridge, and all the tourist crowd seems to concentrate there, between restaurants and small shops.

the rest of the city is rather quiet, the ordinary life flows slowly, and you can walk around between a mosque and a museum, kids playing ball on the streets and old men playing cards on plastic tables outside bars.

a view from one of the restaurants facing the Neretva river nikon f-801 + fujicolor 200

when a pouring rain interrupted our discovering of the city, we treated ourselves with a dine in one of the several restaurants with a view on the Neretva river, a guilty pleasure i gladly recommend you indulge in.

a craft shop near the Stari Most nikon f-801 + fujicolor 200

the area near the old bridge resembles a turkish bazar, with small shops, artisans, sellers voices and enjoyable caos. nikon f-801 + fujicolor 200

kids diving from the cliffs alogside the river.
the water is very very cold. nikon f-801 + fujicolor 200

a considerable part of the fun in Mostar is given by diving on the river. as soon as the sun came out, the splashing began, from the lowest cliffs as well as from the bridge.

to see someone jump from the Stari Most is not unusual, but every year in july a traditional diving competition takes place. we have been lucky enough to be in Mostar on that very day, so we saw the 448th edition of the Stari Most diving.

a dive from the Stari Most during the competition nikon f-801 + fujicolor 200

i have a picture of the poster for you.

448. Skokovi Sa Starog Mosta. the poster of the 448th edition of the Stari Most diving. |   iPhone 4s + VSCOcam

Mostar has a special place in my traveller heart not just because is beautiful, but because, during the third day of our roadtrip, we discovered how warm and welcoming bosnian people are. we were hosted in a family-run hostel, that the Bojo family built next to their home. Senad and his people manage the place with a friendly atmosphere, i am so glad we stayed there.

the family managint the Bojo hostel in Mostar nikon f-801 + fujicolor 200


  1. What an incredibly fascinating old town!
    You always manage to capture the heart of lovely historical villages, dear Silvia!

  2. What a wonderful place! i really need to visit one day

  3. thanks for sharing this fascinating pictures

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  5. Mostar or Sarajevo 2 beautiful city 2 visit I recommend if anyone go to Bosnia try cevapi and burek special FOOD of Bosnia people


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